September 8, 2020
MD & CEO, Metro Shoes

Graduated from the University of Texas, Austin with high honors in Finance and Mathematics, Mrs. Farah Malik Bhanji is a third generation entrepreneur with footwear retailing in her genes. With more than a decade of footwear industry experience, Farah Malik Bhanji is an indispensible part of Metro Brands Limited, the largest Indian fashion footwear retailer and a power house of strong brands like Metro Shoes, Mochi, Walkway, Davinchi. It also operates retail stores for Crocs in India.
Metro Brands Ltd, has a network of 550 stores, across over 128 cities. I and a gross turnover of Rs. 1411 Crores for the year ended 31st March 2020. Metro Brands LTD also has subsidiary companies – MetMill and MV shoe care. Metmill is a distribution company that manages distribution for Crocs, Clarks, Modare, Vionic and Scholl. MV Shoe care is a leading manufacturer and exporter of premium shoe care products, accessories, and insoles under its own brand PRO

With her strong business acumen, attention to detail and flair for fashion, Farah Malik Bhanji has led the organization, into the new era of modern retailing with new milestones and many accolades
Farah Malik Bhanji, an inspiring leader, strongly believes in continuous learning and upgrading skills. She is currently pursuing her Owner/President Management Program from Harvard Business School