October 6, 2020
Director, Finance & Operations- IG International

A business tycoon with over a decade of experience in the Indian fresh produce industry, Tarun Arora is the Director – Finance and Operations at IG International Pvt. Ltd. In his role, Tarun leads the young corporate team at IG and guides the company through diversification, innovation, and growth. Having completed his diploma in private equity from the Harvard Business School, Tarun then completed an MBA from MIT School of Business. Groomed in business fundamentals by his father, Mr. G.C. Arora, Chairman – IG International Pvt. Ltd, he identified the need to establish an end-to-end cold supply chain for fresh produce. The immense business potential of the idea led to the incorporation of IG Supply Chain Pvt. Ltd, which currently comprises temperature-controlled warehouses holding a capacity of 40,000 pallets across nine facilities. In addition to the cold stores, IG Supply Chain operates a fleet of 70 trucks, out of which 50 are referred to as ‘trucks with trailers’ and are meant to ship products from ports to markets and plug any gap in the cold chain. Tarun has been instrumental at enabling IG to emerge as the leader in fresh fruit imports to India, and his endeavors and efforts are all directed towards furthering the organizational vision and making IG a truly Indian company with a global outlook. He
is planning to double the temperature-controlled warehouse holding capacity of IG Supply Chain to 80,000 pallets in the near future.