Retail Digital Transformation, so far credited with just transforming the shopping ecosystem into multi-channel 24×7 seamless shopper experiences,
is now illustrating its wider power in building responsiveness and resilience even in the face of an unprecedented force majeure. As economic and
consumption recoveries begin across India and the world, what have we learned? Are Indian retailers leveraging tech and innovation enough to stay
relevant and profitable even in uncertain times?

The PRC conference, networking and exhibition offer opportunities and intelligence on:

  • • Creating Retail Companies of the Future
  • • New Normal Behaviours – from Trend-spotting to Checkout
  • • Product Discovery to Personalisation — Strategies and Tools
  • • Gaining Credibility with Connected Consumers
  • • Powerful Conversions through Tech Optimisation
  • • The Future of Physical Retail

PRC is expected to attract representation and participation from the most exciting and iconic brands, retailers and e-commerce majors from India.
C-Level professionals and decision makers from retail, shopping centres and retail support industry will be logging into this
extraordinary virtual event to profit from its knowledge, networking, innovation and tech platforms.