08 - 09
May 2024

Innerwear Needs a Green Makeover

The Indian consumer is rapidly evolving. Exposure to social media, rising fashion awareness, the demand for different types of innerwear, and an understanding of health and hygiene is driving the unprecedented growth in the innerwear market. Add to the mix our country’s increasing disposable incomes, rise in women spenders, demand for branded luxury innerwear and expansion of the retail sector, and you end up with a recipe for phenomenal growth. Their choice of innerwear has become a reflection of their personality and a way of expression.

Leading-edge technological innovation, design and fabric is changing the face of innerwear in India and contributing to the immense growth of the segment. Product ranges are now focused on prioritising consumer experience customised to different lifestyle stages. Use of technology enables innerwear to be constructed with fabrics that have greater stretch, dry faster, have antimicrobial finishes and ensure protection from odour. 

Emergence of dedicated e-commerce portals just for innerwear has proven to be a game changer for consumers and the industry. The privacy, ease of browsing, customised and targeted messaging, and convenience of products reaching the consumer within a couple of days have all played a major role in making this segment blossom. The luxury of easy returns at the comfort of one’s doorstep in case of any dissatisfaction with the product is another crucial factor.

What’s next?
Exposure to premium products and international standards of quality and design have enabled consumers to seek innerwear shopping and consumption as an experiential process over just attending to basic essential needs. While e-commerce is here to stay, physical outlets will continue to grow since this always provides a more personal experience.

The emergence of eco-friendly innerwear will transform the innerwear industry. The Indian consumers are becoming more aware and environmentally conscious, and want to buy products from brands that follow ethical and sustainable practices – whether it is exploring eco-friendly fabrics, sustainable manufacturing processes, reducing the carbon footprint or cutting down waste. 

The time is ripe for innerwear brands to build a more sustainable model to contribute their share for the environment and stay ahead of the game.


Author: By Shekhar Tewari, Chief Category & Operations Officer, Modenik Lifestyle